Welcome to Rapyuta.io SDK Documentation!

Rapyuta.io Python SDK enables you to access platform services and resources in your python applications.

The SDK supports Python 3.7+. For older Python 2.x support, you can use the 0.x.x releases from Pypi.


The SDK is distributed through PyPi index, and can be installed directly using pip.

pip install rapyuta-io

To install the SDK from source, you can use the setup.py script directly. Clone the repository and from the root of the directory, run the following command.

python setup.py install

Getting Started

Before using the SDK, you need the Rapyuta Token. You can get it from here.

from rapyuta_io import Client


client = rapyuta_io.Client(TOKEN)

# Create a Project and use it
from rapyuta_io import Project

project = client.create_project(Project("python-sdk"))

# Create a Build
from rapyuta_io import Build, StrategyType, DeviceArch


You can read the documentation for individual resource modules:

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